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We ship to more than 190 countries, and our customers are located on all continents: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North-America as well as South-America.

Buyers: Consumer Inquiries

If you are a consumer and interested to buy our products, please visit our brand pages, and the respective online shop. If you want to contact us, please use our Contact Us form.

Sellers: Distributor, Wholesale or Retail Inquiries

Beldton is much more than an boundless earning opportunity. Being a Beldton Representative is the ideal opportunity to set up your own business or meet new people in your local area. You will likewise develop a lot of new abilities through our training programs: Determine offering & market demand, pricing, 1st sale, differentiation, marketing, and expansion.

No matter where your business is located, we will care about the most ideal delivery method. It is our pleasure to assist your every concern and provide solutions that will save you time and money. Our logistics partners are specialists for land, air and sea freight transport as well as international trade with many years of experience.

In case you are a importer, distributor, wholesaler or retailer and interested to sell our products, please contact us via our Contact Us form.

Global Consumer Trends

The Impact on Consumers’ Retail Behaviour

Our understanding of global market trends and consumer needs enable us to achieve our vision to be one of the world’s top performing nutrition, hygiene and personal care companies trusted to enrich lives every day.

Consumers around the globe continue to search for healthier, smarter and more convenient nutritional solutions that fit their active lifestyles and specific needs. For some people, this means gaining their performance edge, whether during sport, at work or with family and friends. For others it’s about keeping their edge by combining exercise and nutrition to stay lean, strong and fit in their daily lives.

Depth Analysis and Attitudinal Trends

Whatever their inspiration, today’s busy consumers want to be healthy without making sacrifices. They want their products to be authentic, traceable and natural as well as at the same time look and taste great. These trends mean people everywhere are moving away from traditional meals to quick and easy healthy foods, drinks as well as snacks that are available in innovative and convenient formats. With increased purchasing strength, empowered consumers are pushing brands to embrace these values.

Beldton’s portfolio of nutrition, hygiene and personal care products is addressing the growth opportunities arising from four major macrotrends: Health and wellness, Life on-the-go, Active lifestyles and Clean labelling.


Shape your future

Beldton as an employer

At Beldton, we can offer you more than only a job. We can offer you the most ideal chance to forge a successful future. And not just professionally, but personally too. With an alluring compensation and extra benefits. With adaptable and modern working conditions. With a work-life balance that helps you manage career and family life. Furthermore, with healthcare and sporting offers to keep you in tip-top condition. For a successful career and a successful life.


Profoundly motivated and efficient employees are at the heart of our success. Passion, integrity and discipline: Be it professionally or privately, our workforce encapsulates these values in so many ways. They thus shape the unique face of our organization.


Here at Beldton, the diversity of our workforce is a vital part of our corporate culture. Every one of our employees are committed to it. Moreover, the potential contained in diversity is leveraged to our good fortune. Since diversity is not only an end in itself, it makes a conclusive commitment to the company’s success.

Worldwide work

Work around the globe. But always feel at home. One of Beldton’s greatest qualities is its international scope. We have a presence at multiple locations worldwide. So if you want an international path in your career, take advantage of our worldwide dimension.

Professional development

At Beldton, you’ll be continually developing. We support you in your professional and personal development with expert training courses, e-learning and the chance to study while working. You’ll benefit, thus will we; since exceptionally talented employees and managers guarantee that our organization is constantly improving as well.