The Impact on Consumers’ Retail Behaviour

Our understanding of global market trends and consumer needs enable us to achieve our vision to be one of the world’s top performing nutrition, hygiene and personal care companies trusted to enrich lives every day.

Consumers around the globe continue to search for healthier, smarter and more convenient nutritional solutions that fit their active lifestyles and specific needs. For some people, this means gaining their performance edge, whether during sport, at work or with family and friends. For others it’s about keeping their edge by combining exercise and nutrition to stay lean, strong and fit in their daily lives.

Depth Analysis and Attitudinal Trends

Whatever their inspiration, today’s busy consumers want to be healthy without making sacrifices. They want their products to be authentic, traceable and natural as well as at the same time look and taste great. These trends mean people everywhere are moving away from traditional meals to quick and easy healthy foods, drinks as well as snacks that are available in innovative and convenient formats. With increased purchasing strength, empowered consumers are pushing brands to embrace these values.

Beldton’s portfolio of nutrition, hygiene and personal care products is addressing the growth opportunities arising from four major macrotrends: Health and wellness, Life on-the-go, Active lifestyles and Clean labelling.