Our Range of Services

Laboratory testing plays a vital role throughout the entire product life cycle in research and development, qualification, manufacturing and operation. To ensure the safety and efficacy of new materials, components and systems, laboratory testing is required to:

  • Check the quality, performance and endurance of new products during design.
  • Quality control during all product life cycle stages, from research to operation.
  • Risk and failure assessment, in order to identify cause and prevent new occurrence.

Increasing quality demands, the necessity for certified ingredients, high-end products, and compliance with legal stipulations concerning occupational safety require the provision of analytical expertise in diverse disciplines as well as corresponding complex infrastructure.

Multi-Industry Solutions

Beldton Laboratories adopt an interdisciplinary approach across different industries in order to process specific problems in the area of expository science. In R&D projects as well as within the scope of production-supporting analytics and quality assurance for the end product an interdisciplinary group of experts guides you through all the development stages and provides all the solutions from one source – as an independent partner.

We develop new customized analytical concepts based on the most recent measuring techniques or adapt existing methods to suit your specific requirements. The spectrum offered by Beldton Laboratories covers all traditional analytical methods.