Biological, Chemical and Food Ingredients

When quality matters.

Scheor is an ingredients supplier with extensive experience in most markets. We understand the opportunities as well as challenges that our customers master to run their businesses, and we are committed to be the spearhead of new technologies as well as regulations for their support.

Our integrated services are aligned to support you in achieving your goals. Whether you need assistance with your raw material evaluation process, want to blend different ingredients together or profoundly analyse product quality, we can help.

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Products: Vitamins, Minerals, Omegas, Antioxidants, Herbs, Spices, Botanicals, Fragrances, Seeds, Grains, Nuts, Dairy, Milk Powders, Proteins, Caseins, Tea Leaves, Coffee Beans, Grinds, Cocoas, Chocolates, Sweeteners, Enhancers, Emulsifiers, Food Colours, Dyestuffs.
Packaging: Bulk Bag, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC), Drum, Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), ISO Tank Container, Bulk Tanker Truck.