Building a Healthier Future

We promote sustainable development

At Beldton we know that enduring achievement is only conceivable by building strong and lasting relationships. We are committed to respecting and building a relationship based on integrity with every of our partners.

Committed to Our: Associates

Our people are our greatest resource and we endeavour to offer them a good working environment open to new ideas, where they can permanently find challenges and opportunities for innovation.

We support coordinated effort and appreciation for diversity. We create proficient and personal capabilities to develop social sensibility. We promote leadership in the exercise of new challenges to evolve and grow.


In Beldton we believe in the capacity of people to transform their lives and in their potential as operators of change in the society. Today we provide opportunities for economic, social and passionate development to a million health enthusiasts.

Using direct sales as a business opportunity, we offer them the possibility of enhancing their lives, empowering them to generate their own income and giving them access to the fundamental tools for this purpose. Furthermore, we provide them with a chance for enthusiastic and social development through being part of a network of people, who, similar to themselves, endeavor every day to fulfil their objectives.


Women and men are both our main consumers. Through our brands, Niyro, Belnys, and Enisso we strive permanently to become acquainted with them better, learn how they think and feel, anticipate their desires and offer them a universe of memorable experiences through our products.

We have established a Consumer Information Center whose mission is to gain knowledge of our consumers, in order to serve them through our brands. The research they undertake guides us for new market opportunities, potential challenges and consumer satisfaction with our products.


At Beldton we establish associations with our suppliers that create synergies and animate to stimulate the development of our businesses.

We work with a network of suppliers in various parts of the world to give our clients world-class products.

Society and Environment

The objective to minimise and neutralize the environmental impact generated by Beldton has been perceived as a key priority for the partnership. In Beldton we have made a commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet in three areas: workplaces, plant and distribution control.

We support the following previous and current projects to help making our world a better place:
  1. UNICEF – Prevent famine: In South Sudan tens of thousands of girls and boys are at
    risk of starvation. Many children are victims of violence in the ongoing civil war.
  2. UNICEF – Protecting children: Violence is the order of the day in Ecuador. Well over half of children between the ages of 5 – 11 are beaten and physically punished.
  3. UNICEF – Emergency aid Yemen: The country is on the verge of collapse. Almost all children in Yemen – that is more than twelve million girls and boys – need humanitarian aid.
  4. UNICEF – Malnutrition: Malnutrition damages children for their entire life. The girls and boys lag behind physically and mentally, are often ill and cannot develop their skills.
  5. WWF – Stop the plastic flood: 31 football fields per minute – never before in history has so much land been destroyed. A gigantic depletion that threatens humans, animals and plants on the entire earth.
  6. WWF – Protecting forests: One truckload per minute – so much plastic waste gets into our seas. For animals, the flood of plastic becomes a deadly danger – they confuse the garbage with food or get caught up in it.
  7. WWF – Global warming in the Arctic: The desire for natural resources and the exploitation of nature have already assumed enormous proportions as well as threaten the polar bear’s habitat.
  8. WWF – Save the Amazon: A Consequence of Ever Faster Deforestation! Three soccer fields are cleared every minute. Current calculations assume that 20 percent of the rainforest has disappeared over the last 40 years.

unicef wwf

Beldton’s products and services are unrelated to the donations. The support comes from a purely social responsibility.